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Boxing Coach Mike’s young Prospect, Emmanuel Arenas, won his New York Junior Olympic Title!

Posted on 02. Apr, 2019 by in News

Another student of the Trainer of Champions Michael ‘Coach Mike’ Kozlowski, became the New York Junior Olympic Champion!!!
For over thirty years the boxing trainer, Michael Kozlowski, has raised his young champions in different countries of the world.
The new New York Champion, Emmanuel Arenas, came to Coach Mike more than a year ago with the dream of becoming a Great Champion.
With a low growth and an excess of weight, as well as a breathing problem, because Emmanuel had asthma, such a prospect did not cause the coach much enthusiasm …
But seeing a very strong performance and desire of the young boxer to become a champion, the coach began to spend more time with him.
After a year of intensive training, Emmanuel said goodbye to asthma and lost almost 60 lbs!!!
Well, the most important gift for the work done for the 16-year-old boxer was his first Belt of Champion!
Boxing Coach Mike Kozlowski with his student

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