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Boxing Trainer Michael ‘Coach Mike’ Kozlowski about the Games in training process.

Posted on 18. Dec, 2021 by in News

Coaching kids and teenagers is not easy! Especially in our time, when the concept of The STREET disappears from the vocabulary of modern childhood!
Boxing routine alone is no longer enough!
Michael COACH MIKE Kozlowski ALWAYS use THE MOST DIFFERENT GAMES to keep kids engaged and to make the training process more interesting!

Coach Mike invented this game for his young boxers many years ago, in the USA, when he first time saw the FitBall …

The prototype was the children’s game “Vishibala”, in which future Boxing Trainer, Michael Kozlowski, like all Russian boys, played long before his boxing lessons!

Because the BIG BALL didn’t fly over the ropes, Coach Mike adapted the game of his childhood to work in the ring!

In the spirit of Professional Boxing, he named this game ‘The Untouchable’.

For children, this ball, in addition to its uncomfortable size, is also not so light, therefore this game is USEFUL not only for SPEED, but also for POWERFUL WORK: legs, arms, body, as well as for the development of agility, reaction, a sense of distance, and that equally important in Boxing, resourcefulness and cunning!

The rules of the game are very simple:
anyone who wants to start the game, or at the direction of the student’s coach – the Hitman who stands in any corner of the ring and do hit by the ball to any of players in the ring! Whoever gets hit by the ball swaps places with the Hitman and continues to hit by the ball to the players from any corner of the ring! The winner is the one who during the round remains Untouchable…

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