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Boxing Coach Mike’s students are Champions of the Study!

Posted on 16. Jun, 2021 by in News

Boxing trainer Michael COACH MIKE Kozlowski has been coaching children for over 35 years!
During this time, thousands and thousands of students have gone through the educational process of Coach Mike!
Among these students there were hundreds of boys who, due to their physical development or not wanting to box in the ring, did not pretend to be the future Prospects – Champions in Boxing Coach Mike industry!
Parents, sometimes against the will of their children, brought them to Coach Mike so that he ONLY helped their physical development and taught the elementary discipline skills of their beloved kids!
The coach, lovingly, called such children astronauts, because, initially, their attention was focused on everything except Boxing))
With such children, Coach Mike had certain difficulties! And these difficulties were more about attention and discipline! But the Boxing Coach Michael Kozlowski over the years of working with children has developed his own method of luring such boys and girls into the training process and their discipline and attention, every month and every year, become better and better!
Coach Mike, from the first days of working with such children, told parents that if they want to see a real man or a young confident lady at home, then they should only be on the side of the Coach!
Sometimes the trainer in a rather tough form, taught such children to discipline and there were cases when parents remained on the side of their children and no longer brought their celestials to the trainings of Coach Mike …
But those children who stayed with Coach Mike, over the years, became real fighters in life, regardless of whether it is a boy or a girl!
Among such student of Boxing Trainer Michael Kozlowski was Ben Wolf, who for several years passed the Coach Mike’s Boxing School. After the first training sessions of Ben, trainer was sure that the parents would not take their son to training for a long time. There were cases when Ben cried during training because something did not work out for him and at the same time there was psychological pressure from the Coach or from well-deserved punishments, because of his inattention … But Ben, again and again, appeared in the Boxing Gym!
Years passed, Ben grew up and, literally in front of the Coach’s eyes, turned into a little man!
While studying in high school due to the busyness of the School, Ben stopped attending Boxing training …
And recently Michael Kozlowski saw a photo of his student, in which Ben was recognized as the Best Student of his School!
Coach Mike was very happy for both Ben and his parents!!!

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