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Boxing Trainer Michael ‘Coach Mike’ Kozlowski finished ten-day fast!

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The next fasting of Boxing trainer, Michael ‘Coach Mike’ Kozlowski is over! The trainer went on fasting for ten days and eleven nights! All this time he did not eat anything and drank only water. On the seventh day of fasting, when Michael Kozlowski felt pains in his head, he added honey (a quarter of a teaspoon) to the water and the pains stopped! In the last days of fasting, the trainer periodically, in the same doses, added honey to the water when he felt severe weakness, because nobody canceled the payment of his bills and he had to work!
All these days boxing coach Michael Kozlowski did not stop working in the Boxing gym and personal training with boxers in the parks of New York!

Boxing Coach Mike Kozlowski Fasting

Boxing trainer Michael ‘Coach Mike’ Kozlowski believes that the trainer should be an example for his students! According to the deep conviction of Coach Mike, in terms of the educational process, the appearance and physical shape of the coach is also of great importance!
Fasting helps the trainer stay fit and strong!
The trainer’s fasting causes genuine respect among the students, because each of them can imagine going without food for as long as possible and drinking only water!
Also students understand, that without the presence of willpower, this process is impossible!
Coach Mike is the name of the Russian boxing trainer Michael Kozlowski in the USA, where he has been raising his champions for more than twenty years!
Michael Kozlowski has been starving since 1999.
The longest fasting of Coach Mike was in 2012, when for 12 days and 13 nights he did not eat anything and drank only distilled water! Then Coach Mike sacrifice and asked the God make not happen to meet his English Boxer Luke Campbell with the Cuban boxer at the Olympic Games in London at least until the semifinals!!!
At the 2012 London Olympics Luke Campbell and the Cuban were drawn to the final and the Englishman became the Olympic Champion!!!

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