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Boxing Trainer, Michael ‘Coach Mike’ Kozlowski, talks about Boxing for Kids.

Posted on 07. Sep, 2019 by in News

There are many opinions about from what very young age you can start boxing.
According to Boxing coach Michael Kozlowski, who has been working with kids for over 30 years, who has trained his young students in Russia, Israel, and currently works with children in the United States, you can start to learn boxing at any age! And if the child has a desire, then the sooner the better!
It all depends on the personality of the child and, most importantly, on the qualifications of the Boxing Trainer!
Without love and devotion to Boxing, you can become a Great Trainer, but it is impossible to become a real TRAINER-TEACHER, which is most important for a child who takes his first steps in Boxing! – Coach Mike saying.
Therefore, parents who decide to seriously teach their son or daughter Boxing, before bringing the child to the Boxing Trainer, must see for themselves, and even better, check the trainer’s love for both their work and their children, which is currently not difficult to do with using the Internet, and don’t give to the kids the right to decide who to train with!
The youngest prospect of the Russian-American Boxing trainer, Michael ‘Coach Mike’ Kozlowski, Alex Ferreira, is now 7 years old! In the video, in the front, he performs a rope exercise

In another video, the same kid, Alex, at the age of three, takes his first steps in boxing.

In the next video, the son of Boxing Trainer Michael Kozlowski, Victor, at 3 years old, also takes his first steps in boxing …

The trainer of Champions, Michael COACH MIKE Kozlowski, is deeply convinced that boxing will help the child, in addition to improving physical qualities, also gain flexible brain function and self-confidence !!! And competitive activity in the process of training will instill in the child a sense of leadership and rivalry, which cannot but affect success, both in school and in work !!!
Therefore, Coach Mike does not experiment on children, but already from an early stage, systematically, instills in children a love for Boxing and, using his son’s example as well, who will decide for themselves what or what kind of sport they will do in the future !!!
And for this it’s not necessary to just jump on a rope or hit a bag)))

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