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American Boxing Trainer Michael COACH MIKE Kozlowski expressed his opinion on the performance of the World Amateur Boxing Leader Alexander Khizhnyak at the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Posted on 22. Aug, 2021 by in News

In recent years, up to the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo, the trainer of the Russian Boxing School, Michael Kozlowski, who has been raising Champions in the USA for more than twenty years, was asked by numerous friends from different countries of the World what he thought about the leader of the World Amateur Boxing, the Ukrainian Oleksandr Khizhnyak.
All these years, the opinion of Coach Mike, that is the name of the russian boxing trainer Michael Kozlowski in the USA, in relation to the the Ukrainian Boxer has been unchanged!
After the final fight of Alexander Khizhnyak at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Michael Kozlowski voiced this opinion to the wider audience:

“I was always amazed how this guy, FOR YEARS!!!, has victories all his rivals at the World and European Championships. I attributed his victories only to the fact that modern amateur boxing is very much degrading in terms of TECHNIQUE and FOOT WORK!!!! Therefore, Khizhnyak has not real opponents, as a former world level Champions the Ukrainian Viktor Savchenko, the Uzbek Rufat Riskiev, the Cuban Martinez or an American Michael Spinks… But I was sure that in Professional Boxing, closer to the title fights, such a somewhat reckless style will be not work!!!
My assumptions came true several years earlier … ”

Now the Internet is replete with optimistic statements from some Boxing experts that Khizhnyak will be better in the professional ring. But on this matter, Michael Kozlowski has his own opinion:
“Even though modern boxing, both Amateur and Professional, is greatly degrading in technique and footwork, the advantage remains unchanged for those who, regardless of the quality of their technique and footwork, have a natural knockout punch and an iron chin!
Because of this, I do not see any great future in Professional Boxing Career for one of the leaders of the World Amateur Boxing of our time, Alexander Khizhnyak, if he does not start to work seriously on his technique and footwork! .. ”

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