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American Boxing Trainer Michael COACH MIKE Kozlowski: The Russian Boxing School this is the Main Secret of Oleksandr Usyk’s Success on the Professional Ring!

Posted on 05. Oct, 2021 by in News

For me, today, the brightest representative not only of the Russian Boxing School, but of the entire World Boxing, taking into account the total highest achievements, both in Amateur and Professional Boxing, is the Ukrainian Boxer, Oleksandr Usyk!

I was lucky to be in the training camp of Oleksandr Usyk, when he began preparations for the conquest of the royal division in Professional Boxing.
All the days of my stay at the Olympic Center of Ukraine “Koncha-Zaspa” I had a pleasant feeling, as if I had plunged into the atmosphere of Soviet Boxing again!

Oleksandr Usyk and Boxing Coach Michael kozlowski

I saw the training camp of representatives of the 21st Century MODEL Russian Boxing School!
I saw work aimed at high results in combination with the latest developments in SCIENCE and COACHES THOUGHT!
I saw work aimed at maximizing the natural data necessary and useful for this particular boxer!

Over the many years of my work as a boxing trainer outside the USSR, I finally saw the working discipline and organization that reigned in the Ukrainian team!

I was glad to meet and communicate with the current Trainer of Oleksandr Usyk, Yuri Tkachenko!
I remember when I found out that Usyk was coached by Ali Bashir, I was very upset and told to my friends that this was the beginning of the end of Oleksandr’s professional career …
For me, Ali Bashir is the same parasite on Boxing as Freddie Roach or Abel Sanchez, only with less luck! He is very far from Russian Boxing School and, as far as I know, due to the fact, that he himself did not raise a single Champion, but he was always close to ready-made Champions or Professional Boxing prospects, he has only one coaching experience – this is the experience of an ADVISOR coach, but not the Coach-CREATOR!!!
But Usyk, in my opinion, with the transition to Professional Boxing, despite his Great Amateur career and big experience, had to continue to LEARN and DEVELOP his Boxing SKILLS that helped him achieve the highest results in the Amateur ring!
Yuri Tkachenko has been interacting with Oleksandr since amateur boxing! He is a professional in his field!
From my own experience, I know how difficult to build members of the National Team of any Country, which Usyk’s Trainer has more than one, and he built them in such a Great Boxing Country as Ukraine!
In my opinion, Usyk doesn’t need a better coach!
Watching Usik’s sparring, I often caught myself thinking that I would make exactly the same comments or adjustments that were voiced by Yuri …
I will not say that I have learned something new from my colleague, but I have adopted Yuri’s professional restraint!
Very rarely there were moments, again in my opinion, of a slight misunderstanding between the coach and the student, to which I would express a storm of anger))), but Yuri showed amazing professional calm and, as a result, the work process continued to follow his script …

When I saw the same Usyk’s team before the fight in England, I, already on an intuitive level, had even greater confidence that Oleksandr would be much better than in previous fights!
And I am very glad that I was not mistaken in my premonitions and predictions …

The fight with Joshua gave Usyk and his team an invaluable experience both physically and, in my opinion, even more importantly, in the psychological aspect! This fight also showed that Oleksandr still has reserves, both in increasing speed and in increasing punches power, I am not even talking about the psychological component …

I remember a very important, for me, conversation between me and Oleksandr Usyk, which took place there, in the training camp:
– Oleksandr, do you know that, in comparison with the fame of Vasiliy Lomachenko, you are not known at all in America?
Oleksandr smiled and answered without any offense:
– I know…
– I am sure that you have a real chance to become megapopular not only in America, but all over the world, – I continued, – because you, compare to Vasiliy, are in heavy weight division!!!
You enter into the royal division of Professional Boxing, which, after the retirement of Tyson and Hollyfield, lost the entertainment, and at the same time, its significance in the World Money Market, due to the mediocrity of the representatives of this weight and the loss of interest in this weight among the audience.
I really want you to become the same Champion as, in the recent past, Tyson and Hollyfield, because I am sure that you have everything for this:
– a unique Boxing Style for heavy weight!
– a unique Footwork for heavy weight!
– a unique Technique for the broad masses!
– a unique Dimensions and Weight!
– and not to mention your positive Charisma and your Dancing…
I sincerely wish you the fastest possible breakthrough in the new weight! You box in the same School, the basics and skills of which I studied in Kazakhstan! For more than 30 years I have been teaching this Boxing School to my pupils in different countries of the World!
In your performance, especially in heavy weight, this Boxing School can reach an outrageous level, so I really want you to become not just a Champion, but a GREAT Champion, so for my students in America, I could to show as an example not footwork or the work of the front hand of Leonard and Hallifield, but YOURS! ..

Oleksandr Usyk has already begun to win the hearts of people in the United States, and I can see this from the emotions of the Americans who surround me, most of whom, before this fight, did not even know about the existence of this Ukrainian heavyweight.
Therefore, now, when many of them ask me what is the name of this Ukrainian guy who beat Joshua, I am happy to understand that my best wishes for Usik are turning into reality!

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