Michael 'COACH MIKE' Kozlowski - coach of Russian, Israeli, Panamanian, Chilean & USA Champions

Boxing Coach, Michael Kozlowski, saves a woman from attempted Rape.

Posted on 01. Oct, 2019 by in News

After training students during his early morning boxing class ending at 7:00 AM, Michael “Coach Mike” Kozlowski decided to get in some rounds of his own. While jumping rope in the far corner of his large gym, Coach Mike heard the screams of a woman coming from the gym’s entrance. Several other people training near Coach Mike also heard the screams but did not react. Despite no one else stopping their work to investigate, Coach Mike immediately took action.

As the screams for help continued, Coach Mike was already in pursuit searching for the location where the noise was coming. As he ran towards the gym’s entrance, he saw two students from his morning class, a mother and daughter. Both students confirmed that a lady was screaming in the woman’s locker room. At that point, knowing that someone was in eminent danger and with every second counting, Coach Mike still had the presence of mind to refrain from charging into the woman’s locker room for fear of jeopardizing the privacy of female gym members. Instead, he directed the mother and daughter team to go in first with Coach Mike following to confirm it was appropriate for him to enter.

Upon entering the locker room, Coach Mike saw a lady standing dazed and listening near the entrance to one of the showers. It was clear there was a struggle taking place behind the curtain. Coach Mike remained conscious of the issue of privacy and again paused to asses the situation to determine if it was appropriate to draw back the curtain and enter the shower stall. Just then, he heard the lady scream his name, “MIKE!” Coach immediately rushed inside the shower to find a man lying on top of a woman pinning her down while she struggle with all her might to get free. Coach Mike easily subdued the perpetrator allowing the woman to escape his grasp and vacate the locker room unharmed. Coach Mike then held the suspect until authorities arrived.

The surveillance video was shown for the first time in the courtroom.

Most compelling in the video are the images of several young, strong men who should have come the the aid of the woman as well as the aid of Coach Mike in defusing the situation. Instead, they cowardly fled the scene.

Boxing is not just a sport, it is life. Learn to box, come to train…and you will not run from people who are struggling and in need of help.

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