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Boxing Trainer Michael ‘COACH MIKE’ Kozlowski on the upcoming rematch between Oleksandr Usyk and Anthony Joshua.

Posted on 18. Aug, 2022 by in News

As a Boxing Coach, for whom Oleksandr Usyk is one of the standards of the best Boxing Technique and footwork, I was very pleased with the news that Anthony Joshua has chosen Robert Garcia as the new coach in preparation for the rematch against Usyk.
Firstly, this trainer is very far from his colleagues from England, who trained Joshua since his amateur career, and he is too far from the Boxing School and Level of boxing by which Usyk achieved a noticeable advantage in the first fight!
Secondly, again, unlike the same coaches of Joshua, who not only trained him, but, more importantly, who, from an amateur career, psychologically raised Anthony Joshua to be a cold-blooded and competent fighter in the ring, American coach Robert Garcia , who had and is dealing only with ready-made Champions and who has not RAISED even a single Champion in his coaching career, at the moment, as a mentor he can’t add anything to an Englishman in terms of psychological preparation …
In my opinion, only the psychological component will be the decisive factor for the win of Anthony Joshua in the second fight against Champion of the World from Ukraine.
The strong psychological upsurge and confidence that Joshua got from Robert Garcia, but not backed up with footwork and a technical arsenal of Usyk’s level, will dissipate already in the firsts rounds of the fight and then psychological panic will set in, because of unpredictable and uncomfortable footwork of Ukrainian boxer, which will backed up with more accurate and more powerful punches, compared to the first fight, designed not to win on points, but to stop the opponent before the bell!!!

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