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Boxing Trainer Michael COACH MIKE Kozlowski shares his experience on how to overcome knee pain that occurs during running.

Posted on 12. Nov, 2021 by in News

All my life I have been running!
As a child, like most Russian boys of my generation, we played hockey and football during all day!
At the age of 15, when I started boxing, I started running every day like a boxing Champions….

When I started working as a coach, I continued to run, that TO BE AN EXAMPLE FOR MY STUDENTS!
I won’t say that I ran often, but at least two or three times a week I forced myself to run my standard 5-7 km …

More than ten years ago, while running, severe pains began to appear, or in the knees, or in the hip joint, or in the lumbar spine! And even here and there at the same time)))
And because of these pains I had to stop running sometimes for several weeks!
I attributed all these pains to age!
After all, in August of this, 2021, I will be 60 years old !!!

But, one life situation greatly influenced my attitude to both RUNNING and AGE !!!

Three years ago, Olympic Champion Luke Campbell invited me to his training camp in England!

Knowing my attitude to running, already on the way from the airport, Luke told me that he could no longer run on the road as we did before! He complained that his knees hurt a lot!
Many years ago, when Luke Campbell was 19 years old and he was just starting to fight for a place of the British Olympic Boxing Team, I taught him to run regularly in the morning!!!
But even in this situation, Luke found a way out and began to run along high, with long climbs, hills that were an hour’s drive from his house.
After such runs, his knees did not bother him at all!!!

The running situation with Luke Campbell made me remember my sores and watch my running from the sidelines!
Naturally, I drew attention to the fact that Luke runs uphill only on his toes!
Going down, as you can see in this video, most of the work on the road, he also moves on his toes !!!

And I thought, shouldn’t I start doing my runs only on toes for the purpose of experiment!

It is not for nothing that the Creator gave us ankle joints !!!

Returned to my institute courses in human physiology!

But the most interesting thing, in the same place, in Luke’s house, I, unexpectedly for myself, remembered the BESTSELLER BOOK “Jackson Stays in Russia”, very popular among boxers in the 70s and 80s of the last century, in which the main character, an American professional boxer Sydney Jackson, working as a distributor of goods, ran with goods to customers in New York, only on his toes !!!

Returning home from England to New York, I, like Sydney Jackson, began to run ONLY on toes))

From the first days I felt terrible discomfort!!!
I couldn’t run fast!
For the first weeks, the muscles of the legs around the lower leg, up to the knee, were very painful.
Over time, these pains went away …
And pains completely stopped bothering my knees !!!

For more than two years now, I have only been running on toes! Forgot about all the previous pains in the knees, in the hip joints and in the lumbar spine !!!

Now I teach my students not only to run in the morning, but also to run on toes …
Because, the IMPORTANT thing in BOXING, after the work of the head is the foot work!!!!

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