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Boxing Trainer Michael Kozlowski about the age at which kids can start boxing.

Posted on 30. Aug, 2020 by in News

Boxing Trainer, Michael Kozlowski, who has brought up World-class Champions in Russia, Israel and the USA, believes that there are no age restrictions for boxing!
When boxing trainer Michael Kozlowski coached his students in Russia, the best age for boxing was 12.
During his training career in the USA, Coach Mike, this is the name of the Russian boxing trainer Michael Kozlowski in America, the age criteria for starting boxing have changed somewhat.
In the coaching biography of Michael Kozlowski in the USA, there were several boys who took their first steps in Boxing at the age of 4. Some of them have already turned from 10 to 20 years old and they are still friends with the Boxing.

Currently, the youngest Coach Mike’s student Maxim is training together with his dad.
Boxing trainer Michael Kozlowski believes that at this age, the coaching and, what is more important, parental approach to children who begin to like boxing even in order to learn how to fight is very important! Anyway, if a boy is looking for an opportunity to hit someone, he will do it!
In Coach Mike’s opinion better do it in the gym!
The coach of Champions, both in the ring and in the life, always tell the parents of such students that it is not necessary to kill the natural aggression in their son, it is better to teach the child to control it!!!
And boxing classes with qualified and educated trainers are the best helpers for parents in raising children who are very aggressive or, on the contrary, very fearful and shy!!!

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