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Juan Roman ready to turn pro!

Posted on 29. Jul, 2011 by in News

The Last Chance Qualifier tournament in Cincinnati, Ohio was unsuccessful for the students of boxing trainer Michael Kozlowski, Juan Roman (114lb) and Jeremy Fiorentino (152lb).

It was “Last chance” for any boxer of the United States of America go to the Olympic Team Trials.

Two weeks before the Last Chance tournament, Juan Roman and Jeremy Fiorentino fought in the 2011 National boxing championships in Colorado Springs, where all medalists advance to the U.S. Olympic Trials at the end of July in Alabama.

February 2011 in Lake Placid, Juan Roman and Jeremy Fiorentino won regional boxing tournament

February 2011 in Lake Placid, Juan Roman and Jeremy Fiorentino won regional boxing tournament

In the USA National Championships in Colorado Springs, Juan Roman was ahead by one point before the last round against the young, talented Emilio Sanchez from California, but then Juan lost a surprising 42:36 decision… It was the biggest score from the all fights of the 2011 boxing National! To win this fight, Juan Roman only missing experience at this level of competition…Emilio Sanchez went to the semifinals and got a ticket to Alabama…

Michael Kozlowski’s other boxer, Jeremi Fiorentino, easily won his first fight in Colorado against the representative of Wasington State, Isaak Tadeo, with a score of 16 : 9. But in the quarterfinals, where the winner gets a ticket to the US Olympic Trials in Alabama, trainer Michael Kozlowski’s worst fear came true. Three weeks before the competition in Colorado, after completing the trainer’s special physical and speed test, the recovery of Jeremy Fiorentino was two times slower than it was supposed to be!

At that time, trainer Michael Kozlowski said to his student, “Jeremy, it will be very upsetting if you lose a close fight in the Nationals only because of your poor conditioning, laziness, and lack of self-discipline…”

In the 2011 USA National Championships in Colorado, Jeremy Fiorentino lost a very close fight to Luis Olivares from Arizona because he was tired in third round! The score was 19:15…

And at the Last Chance Qualifier tournament in Cincinnati, Jeremy Fiorentino lost in the third fight of the tournament against Amir Imam, even though he was ahead in the first round by 7:4. Once again, not enough conditioning for the three rounds resulting in another loss from a very close fight with the score 24 : 19… Amir Imam easily won three more fights and got a ticket to the U.S. Olympic Team Trials in Alabama!

Juan Roman lost in the Last Chance Qualifier against the more experienced Ernesto Degadillo from Texas. The judges score was only 3:2, because computer in this fight was broken.

Trainer Michael Kozlowski and his 25 year old student, Juan Roman, who impressively won the 2011 New York Golden Gloves and the Bronze medal in the 2011 National Golden Gloves have decided to turn pro after only one and a half years in boxing!

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