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Parents, even if you want to teach your child self-defense, do not deprive him of elementary street childhood!!!

Posted on 03. Dec, 2022 by in News

When parents of 6 or 10-year-old children ask the Boxing Trainer, Michael ‘Coach Mike’ Kozlowski, to train their children only according to a personal schedule, Coach Mike tries to explain to them that with such training they are depriving their child of an elementary childhood …
At this age, in our difficult time, it is not safe to send a child, even with his friends, to play unattended in the yard of the house!
At school, unfortunately, everything is arranged in such a way that during breaks, kids in very rare cases come into contact with unfamiliar children from other classes, not to mention games between them!
Families, as a rule, are friends with each other, where relationships between adults are more at the forefront …
It turns out that parents, due to their employment, have absolutely no time left for the development of the communicative qualities of the child!
Where will these qualities come from if the child also develops physically only face to face with the trainer???
Greek philosopher Aristotle said that human is a social being. His life is inextricably linked with society, which plays a huge role in shaping the personality.
This same children’s society, for many decades, has been created and is being created by Boxing Trainer Michael “Coach Mike” Kozlowski in different countries of the world!
For more than twenty years, Boxing Coach Michael Kozlowski has been educating his young students in the USA and already in this country he receives calls and letters of thanks from his matured students or their parents!
Michael Kozlowski believes, that only group trainings helped him in raising Champions not only in the Ring, but also in raising Champions in Life!
At Coach Mike’s training, children master the elementary skills of mental and physical INTERACTION between, sometimes completely unfamiliar to them, peers!
And if, although rarely, there are very tough conflicts between students, that are characteristic of active children, the coach looks for and finds ways for them to end their argument themselves, even if this requires putting on boxing gloves and proving their case in a real fight!
In such a situation, the main task of Coach Mike is not only to resolve the conflict, but also to ensure that the disputants, after a battle showdown between themselves, also REMAIN FRIENDS!!!

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