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Stop Talking About Skin Color!!!

Posted on 08. Jul, 2020 by in News

Hey guys, you are talking TOO MUCH about skin color!!!!
And, please, don’t tell me that color of your skin, especially in the last decade, makes your life SO DIFFICULT in America !!!
You should ask the immigrants about a REAL DIFFICULT LIFE !!!
I’m ONE of THEM! I got my USA CITIZENSHIP AFTER 15 years !!!
15 years I lived here with no civil rights!!!
Before I received my citizenship I was working very hard AND got THOUSAND of HUMILIATIONS from many government employees including the Police !!!
Now I’m an American! And I’m very proud of it !!!
After many years of my life in America I can say :
We are ALL Americans, and we need to Fight for our civil rights, but not for our skin color !!!!
For me, any person who is ONLY talking about skin color he is the racist, or the provoker !!!
Stop talking about skin color!!!
When you are talking about skin color, you help the Politicians to separate us, like the slaves of the new generation by our skin color or nationality!!! It helps THEM control us!!!
Don’t be the slaves to our Politicians!!!
And don’t forget:

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