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The biggest fight in the history of women’s professional boxing between Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano!

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Before the fight between biggest Champions in women’s professional Boxing, Irish Katie Taylor and Puerto Rican-American Amanda Serrano, American boxing coach, Michael “Coach Mike” Kozlowski, gave a prediction for each of them to win: 50 to 50 …
To his American friends and fellow boxers who believed that Katie Taylor’s best days were over and that Amanda Serrano, due to her great talent and punching power with both hands, and also due to a certain hunger in winning Big Titles in World Professional Boxing, can not only win against the Irishwoman, but also stop her, Coach Mike said the following:
Kathy Taylor is a less talented boxer than Amanda Serrano, but she grew up in the Russian Boxing School and achieved her greatest success in amateur boxing, where she won the Olympic Gold Medal! And it’s also a great experience!
Michael Kozlowski, who grew up at the same, as Katie Taylor, Boxing School and, as a coach, who, by this School, raised World-Level Champions in different countries of the World, was sure that special footwork characteristic of this particular School and the correct fight strategy Taylor would be able to neutralize the knockout punches of the Puerto Rican fighter and bring the fight to the victory…

In the ring Amanda Serrano and the son of Boxing Coach Michael Kozlowski, Victor.

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