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For the first time in Yuri Foreman’s boxing career, he did not use his original trainer Michael Kozlowski´s boxing style and was therefore destroyed by Pawel Wolak

Posted on 17. Mar, 2011 by in News

Coach Michael Kozlowski watched the fight of his former student, Yuri Foreman vs. Pawel Wolak, alongside his new prospect Yegor Plevako who currently lives in Michael Kozlowski’s apartment as Yuri Foreman did for many years …

One day before Yuri Foreman’s fight, Yegor Plevako won his debut fight in the USA beating 2010 Nation Golden Gloves champion, Roberto Morban, in the New York Daily News Golden Gloves! Even though Michael Kozlowski’s young student won by unanimous decision, he was still too nervous in the ring.

In contrast, the former student of Michael Kozlowski, Yuri Foreman, was much too confident before he got into the ring against Pawel Wolak! For the first time in Yuri Foreman’s boxing career he didn´t use Michael Kozlowski’s boxing style. Yuri Foreman neglected to use Russian coach Mike’s boxing style that made him NY Golden Gloves Champion, two time National Golden Gloves bronze medalist and WBA World Champion !…

Not long before Yuri Foreman betrayed his trainer, many American coaches were saying to Yuri that his Russian coach couldn´t make him a professional fighter. At this point, Michael Kozlowski told Foreman: “Yuri, God didn´t give you a strong punch, no physical power, no chin… so don’t listen to anybody, your future in professional boxing depends on your footwork! When you stop moving, you´ll be dead! ”

Of course, Yuri Foreman read Michael Kozlowski´s prediction before the fight against Pawel Wolak. But Yuri wanted to prove to the boxing world that he can beat Wolak even without his former coach´s boxing style… Yuri Foreman wanted to show every one that he can box American style…

And everybody saw what happened!

CONGRATULATIONS to Pawel Wolak !!!

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