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Inglorious end of Professional career of Yuri Foreman

Posted on 14. Jan, 2017 by in News

After the fight of the former student-traitor of boxing trainer Michael Kozlowski, Yury Foreman with Erislandy Lara, many friends and students of trainer, from different countries of the world, seeing this fight, asked “Coach Mike” the same question: “How you have made the World champion from this “punching bag”?”

On what Russian trainer, working in the USA almost 20 years, answered philosophically:
- “What God does not do, all to the best… I will not hide that from the first day after the betrayal of my favorite student, I wished him only defeat.
But my technique and foot work that hardworking student Yuri Foreman practiced all those years, did the part…
Foreman continued, even not so impressive, to win the fights on professional ring, getting closer to the fight about which both of us dreamt from the first successes of his student on amateur ring, to fight for a title of World champion among professionals!
Yes, he became the World champion of one of the most prestigious versions in professional boxing: WBA, but all it happens ONLY because of my technics and foot work!!! But years and his trainers who were very far from my technics and system of preparation of boxers-professionals, have made their business and happened what happened…”
Most of all to the Russian trainer, Michael Kozlowski, wishing to subdue America, using special technics and special style of boxing, trainer could even from not talented, but hardworking student bring up the big champion of a ring, was painful that his student-Judas, Yuri Foreman, continued to use in a ring foot work and technics of Coach Mike, but on public said that he has left from the trainer, only because he did not like amateur style of boxing.

But the ungrateful student never told to nobody that the trainer was telling him, since the first fall on sparring, in Israel, when Yuri was 17 y.o. that he has very weak chin and he cannot hold punch!!! Also Yuri Foreman never told to no one that before the beginning of professional career trainer explained to him that God has not given to Yuri strong punch!!! But he can compensate this lack ideally by using technics and foot work…
And about spirit and the will to win Yuri Foreman knew even from the first fights among juniors when he cowardly ran on a ring and the trainer patiently, day by day, explained to him that he gives boxing technics and foot work not to save his ass, but make your opponent to think how to save his ass…

And here the day came when, experts and just regular boxing fans could see the big work of trainer, Michael Kozlowski, betrayed by student… In this fight, with Lara, there was the same 15 years old cowardly and ambitious boy, Yuri Foreman who in 1995 did his first steps in boxing under the direction of trainer, Michael Kozlowski, in Israel. As without spirit, without power punch and without chin !!!
Only then this boy, in Israel, had a talented trainer from Russia which put his soul and hope to bring up the first World champion, and now around him there were untalented trainers who during the last years have only accelerated the shameful end of his career of professional boxer…

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