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Boxing Coach Michael COACH MIKE Kozlowski on the Street Education of his Students and their readiness for a Street Fight!

Posted on 06. Sep, 2021 by in News

Boxing Coach Michael ‘Coach Mike’ Kozlowski shared his experience of raising children and adolescents in terms of being ready for a street fight:
“When parents bring their son to me for training with the words that I teach the child to protect himself, because he is greatly offended by the other kids in School, I tell them that I do not teach my students how to protect themselves, I teach them to fight with their abuser, but at the same time they need keep CONTROL the situation during and after the fight!!!
I do not forbid my students to fight if it concerns the protection of their honor and dignity, the protection of the weak people and friends, the protection of animals, the protection of their principles …
Note, I teach them to fight, but only for DEFENSE!!!, and not for aggression! Because I know firsthand that if you ONLY defend yourself, you can die!!!
I do not teach my students to start a fight first, but if there is a feeling that a fight cannot be avoided, I teach them to hit first!!!
I also teach my students to be the first to go to their Teacher or the Principal of the School immediately after the end of the fight that took place on the School grounds and tell about the incident!!! And if the incident happened on the street, they immediately contacted the parents!
I won’t say that often, but over the past decades, there have been such fights among my pupils, including the incident that happened with my 14-year-old daughter at School, when, after several Boxing lessons with me, my daughter punished her offender with one blow to the nose, which, for more than one year, scoffed at her and provoked a fight! For this blow, my daughter was suspended from the School for two weeks, which neither she nor her mother regretted at all… The main thing is that the authority of a tough girl was entrenched in my daughter, before graduating from this School))
About the fights in the School with the participation of my pupils, either the students themselves or their happy parents tell me, who were glad that their son was suspended from the School for one or two weeks because he beat his offenders, who, for years, bullied him up till the moment when the boy was already training with me… ”

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Julian Howard

18. Oct, 2021

Hey Coach Mike! Awesome post, thanks for these insights… I totally agree with you, never teach children aggression, but always instill in them a sense of principle. It’s also important to hone their protective nature; not just for themselves, but to protect those around them if need be. There is never a good reason to start a fight, but that doesn’t mean you should get caught off-guard too. Empowering children includes giving them the options and skills to defend themselves, but also teaching them the values they need to exercise and discern.

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