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Boxing coach Michael Kozlowski about the screams of boxers when they doing punches during the training process and the fight.

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Boxing coach Michael “Coach Mike” Kozlowski is sure that the screams of boxer during the training process or during the fight, do not help the boxer who is making these cries to make strong punches, but help to his opponent to protect himself!!!

In the mid-80s of the last century, a young boxing trainer Michael Kozlowski read in the Russian Magazine BOXING an interesting article, which talked about the benefits of screaming during training boxers.
There it was a logically justified saying that in preparation for the competition, during the grueling gatherings, especially in the last rounds or minutes of training, coaches could advise their students to maintain a high pace of work with their cries !!! In the same article, it was emphasized that the screams themselves do not affect the development of the force and speed of the punches, but PSYCHOLOGICALLY motivate the boxer to keep the work pace as high as possible !!!, i.e. help the boxer to work through the “I can’t”!
At the end of the 80s of the last century, boxing trainer Michael Kozlowski successfully used this psychological experience with his prospects in Russia …

In 1997 trainer Michael Kozlowski first encountered with the virus of cries at the European Youth Boxing Championships in Birmingham, England, where he, as a coach, led the Israeli team. There, a young coach of the Israeli boxing team drew attention to the crazy cries that were issued at the beginning of the training process when boxers was working on the mitts or on the bag, some of the boxers of the German national team who were far from tired …
Then, recalling an article more than a decade ago, Michael Kozlowski, with irony, thought that, before the unification of Germany, the Russian Boxing School was the basic and most effective Boxing model of DDR, and maybe somebody, who by his virtue of sports ignorance or because he is don’t knowing enough a foreign language, he didn’t very correctly translate into German the psychological achievements of the Russian Boxing experts …

Since January 1999 Russian boxing coach Michael Kozlowski begins his coaching career in the United States of America. In these years, in the boxing gyms of America, with very few exceptions, one couldn’t hear the screams of boxers while they was working on the bag or on the mitts. During sparring, only coaches and spectators screamed! At boxing competitions, not only boxers, but also seconds were forbidden to shout. In the ring, during the fight, there was complete silence, interrupted only by the referee’s voice! ..

Since the beginning of the new century, with Pacquiao’s crazy cries, the fashion for cries, both in the ring and beyond, has begun to gain rapid momentum!
Boxing trainer Michael Kozlowski, whose training process is based on paying big attention to small details, both in the boxer’s technical arsenal and in other aspects of preparing the boxer for the competition, took a lot of effort to explain to his students, one of which there was a 19y.o. Englishman Luke Campbell, which later becomes 2012 Olympic Champion, that Pacquiao or Cuban amateur Super Star Rigondo are so talented that they can not only afford to scream, but even screech like a piggy, in training time, and during the fight !!!

And at the moment, Coach Mike is not tired of giving his arguments, explaining to his students that the screams made by the boxer in the training process or in the fight only prevent the screaming boxer from maximizing his potential!
The Russian boxing trainer, who raised World-class Champions in the USA, both in amateur and professional boxing, in such cases does not cease to repeat to his students that they can make a count on the fingers of one hand the boxers who, with the small size of their body, can beat harder than Mike Tyson, who with no screams, used only his natural speed, strength and technique, when he did his punches!

Here is a list of Coach Mike’s main arguments for screaming boxers to argue that without screaming, these boxers can box much better and more EXCITING:
1. The scream made by the boxer when he do punches helps the opponent HEAR the punch, because the boxer who are screaming, make to his opponents to use an auditory receptors too! The audible blow becomes more predictable and the opponent is READY to take it !!!
2. A scream does not let the Boxer to HEAR his own punch, especially when he is working on the punching bag, which is reflected in a decrease in the strength of this blow. The Hearing receptors are more involved in the sound emitted from the mouth of the boxer, than from the sound when the glove touching a punching bag! A sort of auditory ACCENT of impact is lost on a subconscious level !!!
3. When screaming, the throat becomes Already (less !!!) than during normal breathing, and, as a result, an insufficient amount of carbon dioxide comes out of the lungs and, of course, the next, higher dose of oxygen does not enter, which affects the boxer’s stamina !!!
4. The screams published by the boxer take a large amount of energy !!! Which leads to earlier fatigue!
5. The screams of boxers during a fight do not aesthetically paint a boxing match and, by ear, these screams are more reminiscent of episodes of porno films in which only men participate))
6. The last argument of the boxing trainer, Michael Kozlowski, is a request to the screaming boxer to show a video where at least one of the Greats is not for today, but FOR ALL TIMES Boxers, such as Sugar Ray Robinson, Ali, Joe Louis, Duran, Fraser, Sugar Ray Leonard, Tyson, Hagler, Foreman, Hollfield … accompanying their punches with cries !!!

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