Michael 'COACH MIKE' Kozlowski - coach of Russian, Israeli, Panamanian, Chilean & USA Champions

Boxing Trainer Michael COACH MIKE Kozlowski continues to train his students in the parks of New York!

Posted on 15. Sep, 2020 by in News

When, back in 1999, boxing trainer Michael ‘Coach Mike’ Kozlowski flew to the New York City, he did not think that the time would come and he would again have to train his students on the street, as he once did in Israel!

And now, during the 2020 Fake Pandemic, an American Boxing Coach Michael Kozlowski recalls his Israeli experience with a smile! Indeed, unlike the situation in Israel, the gyms in the United States exist and there are a lot of them, but they are closed due to the fault of politicians who do not care about the health of the nation at all!!!
Despite all the obstacles, that the New York authorities create for people leading a healthy lifestyle, Boxing Trainer Michael ‘Coach Mike’ Kozlowski continues to work with his clients and educate his future champions in the parks of the Capital of the World!
At this time, when the boxing gyms of the city are closed, and the trainer found a lock on the gate at the entrance to the park, Coach Mike, that is the name of the Russian boxing trainer Michael Kozlowski, in the USA, held his a scheduled workout near the park gate, on the sidewalk!

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