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Boxing Trainer, Michael COACH MIKE Kozlowski, talks about the warm-up of the Russian Boxing School!

Posted on 01. Jun, 2021 by in News

Warm-up is one of the BASIC parts of the training for the Russian Boxing School!
According to the Russian – American boxing trainer, Michael ‘Coach Mike’ Kozlowski, the warm-up has become so firmly embedded in the training process of coaches and boxers who grew up at the Russian Boxing School that it seems that the entire boxing world has always done and is doing similar warm-up exercises in the MOVEMENT around of the gym or around of the ring, before the start of the training process …
According to Coach Mike, the warm-up in the Russian Boxing School, like the entire training process, is built in a scientific way!
From simple to complex!!!
Literally, STEP BY STEP, the body is being prepared for physical activity!
First is walking, which smoothly turns into running, etc.
The russian boxing coach understood and appreciated the scientific approach and consistency of this warm-up when he started working as a boxing trainer in America!
Basically, in the USA Boxing gyms, until now, instead of a warm-up, for the most part, boxers perform a wide variety of stretches …
Russian trainers taught boxers to perform such strength stretching in the final phase of the training or in the final phase of the warm-up, when the muscles were fully warmed up and became more elastic …
The most that American boxers have done and are doing to warm up muscles and joints before such stretches is jumping rope!
But more often than not, without any work with the rope and elementary warming up of the muscles, they, standing or lying on the floor or on the ring, with EFFORT!!!, pull the muscles of the arms, legs, body …
When the Russian Coach, Michael Kozlowski, first saw such warm-up exercises, for which the coaches pressed on their students with all their, sometimes immense, mass and often made incredible efforts to the student’s unheated muscles and joints, it seemed to him that with such a showy, more often working for the public, with zeal and such pressure and stretching of the muscles and joints of a boxer, you can easily tear not only muscles, but even break, NOT HEATED, iron)))

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