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Boxing Trainer Michael Kozlowski about wearing the mask during the Fake Pandemic and workout!!!!

Posted on 24. Aug, 2020 by in News

A few weeks after New York was quarantined in connection with the Fake Pandemic during the Covid 19 coronavirus, boxing coach Michael Kozlowski wore a mask for the first time, because he was in a supermarket, wherever he would not be allowed in without this accessory.

After a few minutes of wearing the mask, the trainer felt a little discomfort!
Coach Mike, as the Russian boxing trainer Michael Kozlowski is called in America, spent more than half an hour in the store without removing a handkerchief made of dense fabric, which he used instead of a mask.

Coach Mike Kozlowski with mask

When Coach Mike left the store and took off his handkerchief he felt physically tired with a slight headache!!!
Michael Kozlowski was even a little scared, because in recent months he regularly ran around 5-7 km in the morning !!!

Already sitting in the car, the boxing trainer realized that he was breathing carbon dioxide for 30 minutes!!! Albeit in small doses, but WITH CARBON DIOXIDE !!!!!
Immediately, the trainer remembered the fashion for boxing “endurance masks” in which boxers all over the world trained on the recommendation of uneducated trainers who told their students that such masks replace the altitude workout!

Thanks to Russian Education, which helps to Boxing Coach Mike’s students survive the boom in training in such masks, a kind of pandemic in the Boxing World! Russian boxing trainer explaining to his an American students that this mask is very harmful to the body, and did not allow them to succumb to the advertising of the business people which far from the Real Sport and who spoke about the usefulness of training in such masks!

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