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Boxing Trainer of Champions, Michael ‘Coach Mike’ Kozlowski works with Kids!

Posted on 13. Apr, 2017 by in News

Boxing coach, Mike Kozlowski, continues to recruit young students to his boxing school!

Boxing trainer of Champions, Russian Coach Mike, himself grew up in the traditions of the Soviet Boxing School, where the training began from school age.

Therefore, the Soviet boxing coach adheres to the traditions of the old school of boxing and continues to work with children, emerge them to love boxing and form boxing personalities …

American boxing coach, Michael “Coach Mike” Kozlowski took his first steps in boxing in Kazakhstan. His training career began in Russia and it will soon be 20 years since Michael Kozlowski works as a coach and builds his Champions in New York.

This invaluable international experience helps the Russian-American boxing trainer to find new talents among his young students …

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