Michael 'COACH MIKE' Kozlowski - coach of Russian, Israeli, Panamanian, Chilean & USA Champions

Boxing Trainer of Champions Michael Kozlowski coaches the daughter of the founder-father of Russian Radio in the United States, Seva Kaplan.

Posted on 12. Aug, 2019 by in News

20 years ago, the Russian Boxing Trainer, Michael ‘Coach Mike’ Kozlowski, could not even imagine that he would coach the daughter of one of the very first founder-fathers of Russian Radio in the USA, Seva Kaplan !!!
In the late 90s, when Michael Kozlowski flew from Israel to the World Boxing Mecca – USA and began to build the name of his promising student, Yuri Foreman, he remembered the sources of Vladimir Lenin, where the Leader of the Proletariat wrote: that in order to win the revolution, the first thing to do is to capture mail, phone, telegraph !!!
The Russian-Israeli Boxing Trainer, at his own peril and risk, without invitation, came to the Manhattan office to the owner and host of Russian Radio in New York, Seva Kaplan, and told him why he flew to America and brought his Israeli prospect …
Seva Kaplan BELIEVED Michael Kozlowski IN THE WORD that the World Boxing Champion among professionals could grow from Yuri Forman and began to invite the coach and his student to the radio shows.
After some time, in the Russian Bath, one of the visitors asked Michael Kozlowski whether he was a boxing coach, because his voice is very similar to the Boxing Trainer, who often performs on Russian Radio!
The popularity of Yuri Forman grew before eyes and the boxer got a lot of sponsors, including the owners of the same Russian Bath.
The Boxing Coach of the Champions in different countries of the World, Michael Kozlowski, is sure that thanks to the TRUST and HELP of Seva Kaplan, the future professional Champion of the World, Yuri Forman, has already held his first fights on the most popular boxing television channels of the time, like ESPN-2 and HBO !!!

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