Michael 'COACH MIKE' Kozlowski - coach of Russian, Israeli, Panamanian, Chilean & USA Champions

Canadian Boxing Trainer Rick Kadilha shares his impressions of the coaching work of his American colleague Michael Kozlowski.

Posted on 18. Feb, 2021 by in News

Boxing Trainer Rick Kadilha has been in amateur boxing of Canada for over 35 years!
Among his pupils are Champions and Medalists of National Championships and International Tournaments!
His student Mandy Bujold is one of the most titled representatives of female boxing in Canada!

Michael Kozlowski, Mandy Bujold, Rick Kadilha

Michael Kozlowski, Mandy Bujold, Rick Kadilha

On his FACEBOOK page Rick Kadilha posted a very impressive message to his coaching friend Michael Kozlowski:
“…Today I am dedicating my hike to Mike Kozlowski…simply known as “Coach Mike”

Many of You know I have been involved with coaching amateur boxing for 37 yrs… although coaching can be filling at times… It does also consume so much of your life! Running a nonprofit gym… Dealing with athletes/parents… And high-performance athletes… lack of loyalty…Paying bills trying to keep the gym afloat… It is a never ending circle and why most coaches burn out early..

…and then Covid has shut down boxing in North American (tournaments taking place in Europe as we speak!)…gyms closing and shutting down each week…but that’s another story!

Coach Mike was born in Kostanaiskaya Oblast, USSR. Mike and his two brothers were raised by single mother Raisa Yakovleva. Coach Mike learned to coach in Russia and eventually moved on to coach the Israel team.

In January, 1999 Coach Mike and his “Russian School of Boxing” arrived in America where he began coaching at Gleason’s Gym in Brooklyn! It was around this time I first met Coach Mike at the Ringside World Championships…

Intense… focused… Determined… and most of all… Committed to his coaching ethics…

After 22 years of coaching in North America, Coach Mike has still not lowered his standards. He is a dedicated father and husband and he continues to coach his kids with passion 24 hours a day/7 days a week/365 days a year

He never takes a day off!

Looking forward to seeing Coach Mike either in NYC or inviting him back and to Canada when this Covid thing is over

Here is a short documentary on this great coach…warning though…if you are a believer of rewarding 2nd place or participation ….you will may get offended…

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