Michael 'COACH MIKE' Kozlowski - coach of Russian, Israeli, Panamanian, Chilean & USA Champions

Champion of India Aditya Maan arrived to New York again to continue learning School of Boxing with trainer of Champions Michael Kozlowski.

Posted on 06. Jul, 2017 by in News

The major goal of 19 year old prospect from India is a participation in Olympic Games of 2020 in Tokyo.
More than two years already father of Indian boxer, Anil Maan, himself in the past Champion of India in boxing and candidate to an Olympic team of India of 1992, sends his son to Russian boxing trainer, to USA, because he knows that no one is better than “Coach Mike” (that’s how American local Trainers and Boxers called Soviet boxing trainer, Michael Kozlowski) Nobody can teach his son better boxing technics …

Yesterday’s junior, Aditya Maan, only starts to do the first steps in adult boxing.

Young boxer from India, by the nature, possesses strong blows from both hands. Аditya compeats in a weight category 75kg and its already insufficient for the big victories on an adult ring!

Therefore at the now lavel, according to American Boxing Coach Michael Kozlowski, it is necessary to give the greatest attention to protective movements! Especially in a combination with foot work and as less as possible to accept blows “on himself” even through “iron” protection…

Aditya Maan with Boxing Coach Michael Kozlowski

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