Michael 'COACH MIKE' Kozlowski - coach of Russian, Israeli, Panamanian, Chilean & USA Champions

Champion of India of 2016, Aditya Maan, continues learning Russian – Kazhakstan Boxing technique under direction of Boxing Coach Michael Kozlowski.

Posted on 11. May, 2016 by in News

Champion of India among Junior Olympics and youth, Aditya Maan, has once again arrived to New York to continue learning Russian – Kazakhstan Boxing School under direction of one of the most successful boxing trainers from the post-Soviet times, in America, Michael Kozlowski.

The father of this prospect, Anil Maan, in the past, numerous times boxing Champion of India, itself dreamt to represent his country on Olympic Games and now, he, in every possible way helps his son, to get to Olympic Games of 2020, in Tokyo.
The father of Aditya, has not by chance chose Russian trainer for his son! In his opinion, “Coach Mike” – the only trainer in the world in whose boxing school incorporates different styles from different world countries leading in boxing.
The American-Russian boxing technics of trainer, Michael Kozlowski, is based on all the best that has been created during the Soviet epoch, and, because of this technics, Russian style in the World called the Olympic style! And professional ring boxers of this style, such as Golovkin, Lomachenko, Kovalev, Rigondo … already have to the full forced to respect Russian, boxing technique!
One of the first representatives of the Russian – Kazakhstan Boxing School, after Kostya Tszyu, who has not changed it to American style and over which, once, openly laughed, many “experts” of boxing in America , there was Michael Kozlowski’s student, Yury Forman.
And only because of this technics and foot work, Yury Foreman became in the beginning of this century one of the best prospects in amateur boxing of the USA, and, in the future, world champion among professionals of one of the most prestigious versions, WBA!

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