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How to preserve the Code of Honor and Dignity according to the LAWS OF THE STREET help Boxing Trainer Michael COACH MIKE Kozlowski to build the CHARACTER of his students …

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The Street was one of the earliest psychology teachers for Old School Boxers, regardless of the Continent or Country where this street was located!
Almost all of the Great World Boxing Champions have received their elementary education in psychology on their streets and in the ring have taken this street education to the university level!
Based on his own street experience and the street experience of friends, some of whom were Champions and Medalist of the Russian, European, World Championships and Olympic Games, recalling the frank stories of Boxing Veterans about their street life, Michael Kozlowski concluded that the Laws of the Street, in terms of psychological education, did not pass by the Great Champions – representatives of the Russian Boxing School!
Currently, the concept of “Street” is disappearing at a catastrophic rate and it becomes much more difficult for a trainer to educate a fighting character in his prospects!
Therefore, Coach Mike never prevents the possibility of creating a fighting street situation among his students during training or sports games, both in the gym and on the sports field, and allows this situation to be brought to a fighting showdown! Naturally, while maintaining FULL CONTROL over what is happening !!!
When the verbal skirmish of young fighters crosses the hotline, he gives the command that they put on gloves and immediately, on the spot, like a man, find out their attitude towards each other!..
Once, at the training session of Boxing Trainer Michael Kozlowski, the following incident occurred:
After training, Coach Mike was approached by a father with his 11-year-old son, who has been training for more than 3 years. The boy’s father wanted to know why the coach did not respond to his son’s complaint during the previous training session, which was two days ago. And the following happened:
During a verbal skirmish, when the boys worked in pairs, his partner spat on the father’s son! ..
Coach Mike with his dad asked the boy why he himself did not punish his partner after his spitting! Moreover, both were wearing gloves!
The disciple said that he hit him …
Then the coach said that if you punished him, why then complained to me, and did not inform me of what had happened!
The boy continued to say again that they spat at him and the Coach did not react to his complaint …
The coach turned the conversation into another direction:
– If you hit him, then why then your partner, who spat at you and who is younger than you and the same size as you, did not complain to me??? So, either you are deceiving us that you have punished him or punished him so that tomorrow he will spit at you again !!!
– And if the some boy spits at you at School in front of all your classmates?, – continued Coach Mike, – … or it happens on the street … will you also run to complain to Coach Mike or dad ??? Why are you doing Boxing then? How do you want to become a Champion?
The boy was embarrassed and did not know what to answer …
After this conversation, the student promised the coach that from now on he will punish the offender for such actions …
Knowing this boy for more than one year and seeing a new shine in his eyes, the Coach Mike realized that after this street educational program, at least in the near future, he will not be told a story similar to the one that happened between another pupil of the Russian Boxing School Vladimir Klitschko and English Boxing representative Derek Chisora …

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