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Kids should train in a group with their peers!!!

Posted on 01. Feb, 2022 by in News

Boxing Coach, Michael”Coach Mike” Kozlowski believes that personal training with a Trainer does not help the psychological development of children and adolescents! Coach Mike is deeply convinced that kids should train with their peers, but under the close supervision of a coach!!!
For more than 30 years of work with children and adolescents, Michael Kozlowski came to the following conclusion:
“I don’t understand parents who bring their children to personal training with a trainer to teach them to stand up for themselves!
I immediately have a question:
Against whom should he teach the kid to stand up for himself, if the boy or girl always works only with an adult, in this case with a coach?
Our children don’t have a street anyway! At school, they also spend very little time in social communication, so personal training with a trainer (an adult) creates a deceptive picture of the psychological condition of the child, which occurs in the case of a real physical confrontation with a bully!
This training, in my opinion, is more harmful than useful, because in real street stressful situations for a child or teenager, they kill their self-confidence even more than before training with a personal trainer! ..”

Boxing Coach Mike

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