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Michael COACH MIKE Kozlowski conducted a survey of Trainers and Boxers on the topic when the Fight Ball entered the training process of boxers!

Posted on 18. May, 2021 by in News

Currently, Fight Ball (ball with an elastic band for Boxing) is used by boxers in different countries of the World!
In the late 70s, early 80s, when Michael Kozlowski performed in the ring or was at a training camp in different cities of the Russia he did not meet no one who use the Fight Ball….
The students of Coach Mike in Russia also did not use the Fight Ball!
In one of the video of 90-s, for the first time, Michael Kozlowski saw how Kostya Tszyu used Fight Ball in his training session in Australia!
The exercise with a ball on an elastic band gained great popularity with the victorious movement of Vasily Lomachenko in the Professional ring!
Many Boxers in the USA call this projectile the Lomachenko Elastic Ball!
After a social survey among boxers and trainers in FACEBOOK, Michael Kozlowski found out that in the territory of the former USSR boxers used a ball with an elastic band in the second half of the 80s of the last century!
Coach Mike informed that one of the most Outstanding Boxers of the Russian Boxing School, both in the Amateur and in the Professional Ring, Kostya Tszyu, used the Fight Ball in 1986 of the last century!
It turns out that this invention of the Russian Boxing School stepped into the World of both Amateur and Professional Boxing from the Russia
And members of the USSR National Team used this projectile even before the birth of the two-time Olympic Champion and Professional World Champion Vasily Lomachenko …

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