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The boxing coach, Michael Kozlowski, continues to work with kids!

Posted on 02. Aug, 2019 by in News

Boxing trainer, Michael Kozlowski, from the first steps of his coaching career has been working with kids.
Most of Boxing Coach Mike’s Champions have grown from kids age!
Boxing trainer Michael Kozlowski believes that boxing at an early age, first of all, educates children in discipline, which, unfortunately, in the modern world can not give, nor parents nor school!
And, unlike many non-contact sports, Boxing classes for kids instill in children responsibility for their actions and actions to others …
For over 30 years, the boxing coach, Michael Kozlowski, has been raising children in different countries of the world!
He is deeply convinced that Boxing, apart from the physical development of the child, brings up the spirit of leadership in him, which cannot but affect the child’s studies at school!
Properly built training process helps the child to believe in himself.
Even rivalry among his teammates, not to mention boxing competitions, helps the kid to become a teenager and he more confidently enters adulthood !!!

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