Michael 'COACH MIKE' Kozlowski - coach of Russian, Israeli, Panamanian, Chilean & USA Champions

The Russian Professional Boxer, Nikita Miroshnichenko, continues recovering after a knee surgery.

Posted on 28. Jun, 2019 by in News

Russian professional Boxer , Nikita Miroshnichenko (10 – 0), after knee surgery, continues to train with Boxing Trainer, Michael Kozlowski, in New York City, USA.
In anticipation of the next fight, which the boxer’s trainer, Michael “Coach Mike” Kozlowski, plans to hold in July, Nikita Miroshnichenko continues to increase physical activity and has already spent several sparring matches.
And as a trainer, who passed the Russian Boxing School, Coach Mike likes to repeat, in such cases, to his students, that if you have a leg pain, this is not a reason not to train, because you have another leg and two arms!!!

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