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Boxing trainer Michael Kozlowski called his former student, Yuri Foreman, “Judas Iscariot”.

Posted on 10. Jan, 2013 by in News

Today, in the gym, face-to-face, boxing trainer Michael Kozlowski called Yuri Foreman, his former pupil and the former world champion, “Judas Iscariot”.

With sarcasm and an idiot’s smile on his face, Yuri said to Coach Mike, “And who are you? Jesus Christ, the Great trainer?”.

He then asked his former trainer a very interesting question: “What did you do for me?..”

Boxing Coach Michael Kozlowski’s Student Yuri Foreman Becomes Professional World Champion


CONGRATULATIONS, you made another world champion
in Yuri Foreman, It was clear that this was your technique,
you deserve all credit for his success.

Billy ( England )

The day after Michael Kozlowski’s former student, Yuri Foreman, became WBA world champion, Foreman’s former trainer has received numerous emails and phone calls similar to Billy’s from his friends and boxers in Israel, Russia, Kazakhstan, Germany, England and the United States…

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14. May, 2013

Michael Kozlowskiy saved Yuri from Israel’s jail.

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