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Boxing trainer Michael Kozlowski sees a much bigger future in his new, Ukrainian boxer Yegor Plevako than he ever did in his former student Yuri Foreman!

New York, USA

Late in the evening, December 21, boxing trainer Michael Kozlowski’s wife, Olesya, went to JFK to pick up the young boxer flying in from the Ukraine, Yegor Plevako. Ten years ago, in the very same Terminal #4 in JFK Airport, Michael Kozlowski waited for his student from Israel and now former WBA World Champion, Yuri Foreman

Yegor Plevako spent the whole summer training with boxing coach Michael Kozlowski in Gleason’s Gym. After his last workout before returning to the Ukraine in September 2010, the young fighter told Coach Mike (as the boxers and coaches call Michael Kozlowski in NYC) that he wanted to return to the USA and continue to train with him for his future boxing career…

At the time, trainer Michael Kozlowski did not make any proposal to Yegor Plevako. He only told the Ukrainian boxer: ” If you are  going to come back to me, you will come, live in my apartment with the rights of my son, in the same way Yuri Foreman did, when I took him into my family from Israel…”

Trainer Michael Kozlowski and his new student met in Gleason’s Gym where was also Yegor’s friends…

After the Gym, on the way to the new home of Yegor Plevako, trainer Michal Kozlowski said to the Ukrainian prospect: ” I hope you don’t do to me what Yuri Foreman did… ”

- Mike, the bomb never falls twice into same hole, – answered Yegor, philosophically.

- But in this case, the bomb already fell all into the same hole, – continued Coach Mike, – After Yuri Foreman, the twin brothers Khabir and Sabir Suleymanov lived in my apartment for years. One of them even slept on the same bed as Yuri Foreman. In two years I took them from nothing to New York Golden Gloves Champions. I even started the professional career of Khabir Suleymanov. A few months ago, Khabir Suleymanov, only by my boxing style, won his first professional boxing title, NABA…  The Suleymanov brothers were quick to forget, like Yuri Foreman, who brought them to the amateur and professional boxing world. All of them forget very fast the years that Coach Mike Kozlowski trained them for absolutely FREE !

- OK !!!,- exclaimed Yegor Plevako, – This time, for sure, the bomb won’t fall into the same hole for third time !


Samuel Friedman

20. Jan, 2011

Dear Yegor,

I wish you lots of luck and success in your new home.

Sam. Gleason’s.


24. Feb, 2011



27. Feb, 2011

Coach mike ,
You sound bitter over boxers leaving you. You should take alot of pride in knowing that you helped these young men at some early point in their lives. Good luck in the future


14. Mar, 2011

God luck, i’ve heard Yegor is doing good things in the Golves, continue on this way Mike, you’re “making” champions!!
Greetings from Spain.

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